A Bit About Boring Me:

My name is Gina (aka – The Modest Couponer)! I would like to welcome you to my blog and tell you a bit about me.

I am a mother of two fun, caring kids; a sweet girl and an adorable boy. I am happily married and love my husband so very much! I know what you are thinking “newlywed” but no… we have been married for 8 years (phew). I work full-time and have worked non stop since graduating High School. Also, I own my Immigration Consulting business yet I am still not of retired age. Bah hum bug!

We live in a quiet part of town with our pets; two cats and 3 birds… maybe soon a piggie! Alright, maybe not a pig but if you cross paths with my husband let him know how adorable, cool and awesome they are.

It has been less than a year since I started using coupons and nonetheless, I have saved quite a lot of money on some of my shopping trips. I enjoy it yet it also frustrates me… to the bone! Some shopping trips I’ve rocked and on others I’ve super sucked! I’ve wanted to give up but the problem is… I’m not a quitter! That’s either going to help me or hurt me, time shall tell. I like shopping and now I do it more often since coupons have come to my life. To buy or not to buy? That is the question.