Two Birds Killed with a Stone…

Two Birds Killed with a Stone… or something like that.

The morning went very smooth yesterday: the kids were ready and on time, drove them to school then headed to work. The commute is not bad since I refuse to take the freeway it’s more of a pleasant ride to work. The occasional stop signs, traffic lights with the beautiful trees along the streets. It takes me approximately 20 minutes to get to work from my daughter’s school although I enjoy the ride so much that it feels more like 10 minutes or less.

I always drink a cup of coffee after getting up, the smell of it just energizes me. Before heading out, a second cup is brewing for me to take during my ride to work. Unfortunately, this morning I decided to skip the coffee but would have some tea as soon as arriving to work. Tea is one of the items always found on my personal kitchen cabinet in the office – always.

Nonetheless, as soon as a foot was stepped inside of the office… chaos begins. Phones are ringing non-stop. Two people outside the door ready to “take care of business”. Our front counter has blinds (to maintain privacy while closed). Today, they were stuck, therefore we had to use a rubber band to hold them open. One guy went home; sick.

A couple of hours passed as the foot traffic along with phone calls went back-to-back. A need for coffee kicked in. Immediately; grabbed my phone, opened the Starbucks app and made a mobile order for a Grande Caramel Macchiato. The nearest store is three minutes away; driving distance. It takes me under 10 minutes to get to and back.

While entering the store, there were at least 6 people in line. My coffee was not ready. I decided to stroll the bookstore while my drink became available. The Starbucks is conveniently located next door to Barnes and Noble. I love both of these stores!

I quickly glanced at some puzzles, calendars, organizers and some cook books. My eyes focused on a particular one. I had to have it!

Cook Instant! A book of recipes for my electric pressure cooker! I love using mine but only have a few recipes which came with the pot. Immediately grabbed the book, headed to the cashier, paid the went to grab my much-needed espresso.

Once back at work, I then realized… It took me exactly 15 minutes from the time I left to me walking inside the office. That was awesome! On one hand my coffee, while on the other, a new recipe book. I couldn’t have planned this, its pure luck! Maybe I’m being a bit sarcastic but it definitely gave me a happy, positive, much-needed “push” to help me through my rest of the day.

I could hardly wait to get home to tell the husband and kids what an awesome find this was. Hopefully, one of them will enjoy it as much as it gave me happiness.

On another note. Definitely, will keep you posted on how some of the dishes turn out.

To be continued…

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