Quick Coupon Start-Up Tips

This week I was asked if I could share some of my couponing tips, ideas and organization. I was delighted, felt very lucky to have had such request. Of course, when I started I dove right in: no help, no assistance. This enabled ME to figure out a way to make this work. Basically, what I am saying is “Trial and Error” – still trying and still making errors. That’s the best way I can describe this coupon ride.

Nonetheless, I have been editing yet evolving my coupon strategy and use. Therefore, I started creating a simple step-by-step reference guide which helps and aids me in figuring out an easier way to stay organized.

Today, I would like to share that with you all.

  1. Items Needed:Computer, laptop or smart phone
      • Will help you do better research, use rebate apps and easier match-ups
    • Printer
      • For printing coupons, mail-in-rebates and shopping lists
    • A binder or file box and labels
      • To organize your coupons
    • Newspaper inserts and/or local flyers
      • Weekend paper or Store coupons
      • Coupons.com for printable coupons 
  2. Download Store and Rebate AppsIbotta
      • Use my referral code: niicplj
    • Checkout51
    • Savingstar
    • Target App – for Cartwheel offers
    • Join loyalty programs like
      • Plenti (Rite Aid), Extrabucks (CVS) and Balance Rewards (Walgreens). 
  3. Organize:Use the method easiest for you to stay organized with your coupons
      • Binder 
      • Filing box
  4. Coupons Policy:Print coupon policies for the stores you shop at (familiarize terms & conditions)
  5. Tips to use at the register – My “BARD” guide:BE: ready with coupons on hand (makes checkout a lot easier)
    • ADVICE: people behind you that you are using coupons
    • REWARD: at least apologize for the wait (I give people gum or a drink)
    • DON’T: shop during peak hours like lunch and dinner
  6. Combine and Double, Triple etc… the savings with these levels!LOW: Double savings by combining:
      • Manufacture Coupon  + Store Coupon
    • MEDIUM: Triple savings by combining:
      • Manufacture Coupon  + Store Coupon + Item on Sale
    • HIGH: Quadruple savings by combining:
      • Manufacture Coupon  + Store Coupon + Item on Sale + Store Promotion
    • EXTREME: Combine all coupons and multiple rebates
      • Manufacture Coupon  + Store Coupon + Item on Sale + Store Promotion + Rebate

This is just a quick guide and in no way is intended for you to change the way you shop or organize your coupons. As I mention, trial and error played a big part in creating this list and I frequently add a bit more as new ideas or materials make my process easier.  It all depends on the amount of time you dedicate it as well as your organization skills desired. Everyone has a different way of organizing and if a different way works better for you, stick with it!