My Two Cents on SavingStar

If you haven’t tried SavingStar yet, think about giving it a try. This is my 3rd favorite rebate app. It’s a nice way to earn a bit of extra money while shopping on certain items. SavingStar is a rebate app similar to Ibotta and Checkout51 but… with fewer rebates. Rebates are released once in a while with some lasting a month or more. The average of rebates range between 70-80 at a time with very limited produce items.

Rebates range in categories such as; medicine, health, personal care, pantry, snacks, etc. SavingStar has several stores for you to redeem your rebates on, such as: Target, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Costco, Albertson’s, Winco etc. The app is super easy to use; although some dislike the “unlocking” of your rebates before you shop! This app is similar to Ibotta’s where the rebates are mostly redeemable at specific stores unlike Checkout 51. Weekly, you will be given a rebate to earn $0.25 on fruit or veggies (but you must redeem a limit of two rebates within a month).

Here are my top 10 reasons I like SavingStar (1 being the highest, 10 being the lowest):

  1. Automatic Purchases
    • Add your loyalty card or number. After checkout – your rebates will automatically be verified so you don’t have to load your receipts. I currently have CVS and Rite Aid.
  2. High Rebates
    • This app has some high rebates often, such as; $5.00 on Xyzal, $0.75 on a box of Puffs and $1.00 on two boxes of cereal.
  3. Scanner
    • An integrated scanner where you can check an item to see if it qualifies for a rebate – before you purchase it.
  4. Medicine Rebates
    • This app has a lot of medicine and vitamins rebates “All the Time”. As stated above, some rebates are substantial.
  5. Shopping List
    • As you “Activate” an offer, you will be able to access this trough their integrated Shopping List. It’s condensed which makes it easier to see your items.
  6. Always On Rewards
    • Earn 1% cash back on every purchase you make on Conagra Brands, Bush’s products and Coca-Cola – It’s not much but it adds up!
  7. Rebates After Expiration 
    • As long as you submit your receipt the last day an item expires, you will receive your rebate (as long as the item matches).
  8. Cash Out At $5.00 
    • You can cash out once you reach $5.00. This is awesome since other apps minimum requirement is $20.00. Cashing out is easy with options like; Paypal, Bank Account Deposit, Gift Cards (Starbucks, Itunes and AMC) and my favorite – Upromise accounts!
  9. One Or Many  
    • Some rebates are for purchasing a certain amount to receive a rebate – either by purchasing one item or many to meet that threshold.
  10. Sorting 
    • Sort your activated offer list by: Recommended, Newest, Expiring Soon or Alphabetical Order. This feature rocks!

I would not refer this rebate app without using it myself and licking it. So…My two cents on SavingStar: Get some cash on those needed vitamins!


***This rebate app recommends not using coupons with these rebates as they are intended to be used as a manufacture coupon.