My Two Cents on Ibotta

If you haven’t tried ibotta, give it a try. This is my favorite rebate app! It’s a great way to earn some extra money while shopping on your grocery items. Ibotta is a rebate app similar to Checkout51 but… better. Ibotta continuously releases rebates often and some last a month or more. They have “hundreds” of available rebates – HUNDREDS! Their store options are incredible – ranging from grocery stores, pharmacy’s, bars and app rebates like Apple or Best Buy.  They just released a new update and it is pretty cool.

Rebates range in categories such as; baby, drinks, medicine, health, personal care, home, meat, pantry, snacks and pet food. You will also find vegan or vegetarian items which is pretty awesome.  Alcohol, mixers and wine are also part of their rebates – I love this! The app is easy to use; although some say it gets a little overwhelming since you have to unlock your rebates to a specific store before you shop! Ibotta’s rebates are mostly redeemable at specific stores unlike Checkout 51. Usually you will be given a rebate for you to earn $0.25 on fruit or veggies and once in a while $0.25 for submitting Any Receipt! I LOVE THIS APP!

Here are my top 10 reasons I love ibotta (1 being the highest, 10 being the lowest):

  1. Hundreds Of Rebates
    • Seriously, ibotta has so… many… rebates it’s no wonder they are the #1 rebate app.
  2. Combine With Coupons
    • Submit a rebate even after you used a coupon (some might have exceptions).
  3. Scanner  
    • They have integrated a scanner within the app, this makes it easier to scan an item, see if there is a rebate for it – before you purchase it.
  4. Automatic Purchases
    • You can add your loyalty card or number to ibotta, after checkout –  your rebates will “automatically be verified” so you don’t have to load your receipts – I currently have this with Rite Aid and Raley’s.
  5. Bonuses
    • Ibotta offers several bonuses like; redeem 8 rebates and $10.00 to earn a bonus of $1.00. The more you redeem items the more bonuses you will receive.
  6. Store Rebates
    • Earn between 3-5% cash back by shopping at several online stores through ibotta such as Amazon, Uber,, Itunes, Banana Republic, Best Buy, etc.
  7. Restaurant Rebates
    • Earn cash at some restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.
  8. Alcohol 
    • The selection in Beer, Wine, Spirits and flavored alcohol is very impressive; many options, brands and flavors to choose from.
  9. Fast Checkout  
    • Checking out is a breeze. Choose between cash deposited to your Paypal or venmo or choose gift cards to Itunes, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. instead of cash. *$20.00 minimum pay out.
  10. Fun 
    • At least for me… I can aim to get more bonuses with the help of my friends.

I would not refer this rebate app without using it myself and loving it. So…My two cents on ibotta: It rocks to get paid to shop!


***Notes: Currently and for a limited time when you refer 3 friends you get $30.00!

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