Easy Shopping Trip To CVS + Rebate

Hi all. Well… I went ahead and made a quick shopping trip to CVS this morning before getting to work. I did not need to make the trip but since there is a CVS on my way to work… decided why not?

Currently, CVS has select Pantene hair products on sale… Yes, always shampoo! You just can’t get away from these can you? The sale is buy 2 for $8.00 on certaon products.

Checkout51 just released their new rebates today, which includes Pantene products too. I seldom buy shampoo, but I’m still a BIG sucker who gives IN to “great deals” (insert rolling of the eyes here). So, pairing this sale, with some coupons plus the rebates – made it a good deal. It would be super if I actually needed the shampoo but you know, potato-potato.

With coupons in hand; walked into the store, grabbed my four Pantene products then headed to the register.

Here is what my transaction looks like:

  1. Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo 12.6oz $4.00
  2. Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo 12.6oz $4.00
  3. Pantene Radiant Color Shine Shampoo 12.6oz $4.00
  4. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner 6. oz $4.00

This brings my total before coupons to $16.00. After applying two Manufacturers coupons each valued at $4.00 off two Pantene products (Red Plum 7/16/17) and applying a CVS instant coupon for $2.00 off two Pantene products. My total out-of-pocket came to $6.00 (tax excluded), savings of 70%!

The following Pantene rebates were submitted to Checkout51 – as I’ve stated before, if I don’t do it then – I forget:

  • $1.00 Shampoo or Conditioner
  • $1.50 Sheer Volume Shampoo or Conditioner
  • $1.50 Radiant Color Shine Shampoo or Conditioner
  • $0.50 Styling Product

Total claimed in rebates was $4.50: the final gross total after rebates is $1.50 for all four items. So, I could look at it in a few different ways:

  • Paid $1.50 for all four products
  • Paid $1.50 on 1 products and got the other 3 for free
  • Paid $1.50 for items I DO NOT NEED
  • Paid $1.50 for items to donate

You see my point… good and bad. More importantly; was this a necessary purchase for me? No, of course not. Realistically, I could see this trip as a waste of time and money; that is where I need to balance myself: to determine reasonably why this purchase would actually matter and more so if it’s worthwhile.


***These Pantene rebates are on Checkout 51 starting today but require scanning on a couple of them. CVS will exhaust their promotion Saturday, so there is still time if you are running low on shampoo.

My Two Cents on Ibotta

If you haven’t tried ibotta, give it a try. This is my favorite rebate app! It’s a great way to earn some extra money while shopping on your grocery items. Ibotta is a rebate app similar to Checkout51 but… better. Ibotta continuously releases rebates often and some last a month or more. They have “hundreds” of available rebates – HUNDREDS! Their store options are incredible – ranging from grocery stores, pharmacy’s, bars and app rebates like Apple or Best Buy.  They just released a new update and it is pretty cool.

Rebates range in categories such as; baby, drinks, medicine, health, personal care, home, meat, pantry, snacks and pet food. You will also find vegan or vegetarian items which is pretty awesome.  Alcohol, mixers and wine are also part of their rebates – I love this! The app is easy to use; although some say it gets a little overwhelming since you have to unlock your rebates to a specific store before you shop! Ibotta’s rebates are mostly redeemable at specific stores unlike Checkout 51. Usually you will be given a rebate for you to earn $0.25 on fruit or veggies and once in a while $0.25 for submitting Any Receipt! I LOVE THIS APP!

Here are my top 10 reasons I love ibotta (1 being the highest, 10 being the lowest):

  1. Hundreds Of Rebates
    • Seriously, ibotta has so… many… rebates it’s no wonder they are the #1 rebate app.
  2. Combine With Coupons
    • Submit a rebate even after you used a coupon (some might have exceptions).
  3. Scanner  
    • They have integrated a scanner within the app, this makes it easier to scan an item, see if there is a rebate for it – before you purchase it.
  4. Automatic Purchases
    • You can add your loyalty card or number to ibotta, after checkout –  your rebates will “automatically be verified” so you don’t have to load your receipts – I currently have this with Rite Aid and Raley’s.
  5. Bonuses
    • Ibotta offers several bonuses like; redeem 8 rebates and $10.00 to earn a bonus of $1.00. The more you redeem items the more bonuses you will receive.
  6. Store Rebates
    • Earn between 3-5% cash back by shopping at several online stores through ibotta such as Amazon, Uber, Hotels.com, Itunes, Banana Republic, Best Buy, etc.
  7. Restaurant Rebates
    • Earn cash at some restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.
  8. Alcohol 
    • The selection in Beer, Wine, Spirits and flavored alcohol is very impressive; many options, brands and flavors to choose from.
  9. Fast Checkout  
    • Checking out is a breeze. Choose between cash deposited to your Paypal or venmo or choose gift cards to Itunes, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. instead of cash. *$20.00 minimum pay out.
  10. Fun 
    • At least for me… I can aim to get more bonuses with the help of my friends.

I would not refer this rebate app without using it myself and loving it. So…My two cents on ibotta: It rocks to get paid to shop!


***Notes: Currently and for a limited time when you refer 3 friends you get $30.00!

C&G Day: Canning and Gardening

We had a very productive day yesterday. The kids did not have any games or practice this week so we were able to sleep in; boy was it nice. Generally, even during the weekends, we are up early. With both of our kids playing sports, our weekends become very busy at times.

Lucky for us, today we had the opportunity to just chill… and work in the garden. I love gardening, my kids and husband enjoy it as well. My husband played Wiffle Ball with the kids while I focused on pruning along with staking our continuing growing plants.

The garden is looking amazing; very healthy including free of pests (except for the cats). Our tomato plants are still blooming as well as our zucchini, cucumber and bell peppers. We were able to harvest a few vegetables such as; beef steak tomatoes, golden cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, two zucchini, a bowl full of red potatoes, two strawberries along with about a pound of cucumbers.  The kids said our strawberries were very sweet and juicy, maybe next time we will have more than two to try them – maybe. I enjoy seeing them savor what our earth, hard work and dedication produce. Is such a simple task that rewards us in so many ways such as; appreciation, caring, effort etc. We were fortunate to harvest potatoes since four of our six plants did not make it earlier in the season. Therefore, we will be making an outstanding home-grown potato salad with a bit of fresh dill plus a touch of rosemary.

Mike planted some pumpkin seeds, we are not sure if it’s too late in the season or not – we will find out later. He also added more support to our gigantic beef steak tomato plant that seem to keep wanting to show off by reaching more than 6 feet in height, he uses a stool for tying the plant to a tree branch. He wants to see how tall it actually grows to, we have never had a tomato plant this big – we are in love with it!

After carefully cleaning all of our cucumbers, they were ready to be canned. The canning process is a simple one since we are making refrigerator pickles; they usually only store for about four months. My mother taught me how to can some fruits and veggies in the past, so I feel pretty comfortable with the whole process. Since we only had about a pound of cucumbers, three small jars were filled.

This morning, all three jars were looking good with a tight seal.  Now, the waiting game starts until we get to taste our pickles made from our homegrown cucumbers, I can’t wait! My husband absolutely hates cucumbers but goes crazy over pickles… he is a strange man, sometimes. Since his H-A-T-E for cucumbers is so strong, if I put them in salads, he will not eat it so the easier way for ALL of us is to just make them into pickles.

On a side note; our watermelon plant is now blooming and our Edamame plants are full of pods. So, stay-tuned to find out if they make it through our heat wave.




A Trip To Memory Lane: #1701

Memory Lane: “a sentimental journey through one’s memories of a past time, experiences, etc.”

While contemplating on a beautiful blooming Bougainvillea, I can’t help but take a quick trip down memory lane. A time in my life when I was a child, around 8 years old, when I had no idea or did it even matter what time of day or night it was.

I reverted back to my maternal great grandparent’s house; just a block away from our home. Their house sat on a corner lot, surrounded by a large backyard which housed cows, horses, chickens, plants along with other farm animals. Two wooden logs, at least 5 feet long each, were supported by rocks with extra wood for added stability since they were used for seating purposes. They had a square front door made out of metal with stained clear glass panels. The house was very spacious; a long hallway, a large dining area with a modest kitchen. To this day, I can close my eyes and vividly see the blue’s, green’s, turquoise colors in addition to the shiny, clean floor tile. Their home was always welcoming, just like every other home in town… the door was always open… it’s hard to recall if I ever saw it closed.

Great grandma “Lupe” had beautiful flowers, bushes, herbs plus shrubs along her back side of the house. She had hundreds of potted plants; jasmine, sage, daisies, geraniums, cosmos, dahlias, ferns, mint, begonias, azaleas, etc.  Some where hanging while others just lined the side of the house in rows of rows of rows. While visiting, we always headed for the backyard to play. My favorite part when stepping outside was: feeling I was walking in a magical enchanted garden. The color contrast was incredible; blues, whites, bright reds, hot pink, yellows in addition to green… everywhere. The smell was delightful, almost as perfume – at least I thought of it that way. Usually, it was cool on the back porch, since great grandma always watered her plants. It’s soft smell of wet soil was so invigorating, it relaxed you.  At times, I would softly caress some plants to release their aroma then, I would pretend walking into a perfume shop, carefully selecting the most delicate fragrance of my favorite “eau de toilette”.

Most of the plants were potted… in cans. A tall spearmint grew out of a large metal can which original contained  jalapeno peppers. Coffee cans were also a favorite; usually full of geraniums in numerous colors as well as sizes. Old metal pails exploded with long, dark green leafy ferns. Oregano, oozing out of a can originally containing powdered milk was seen flowing almost stream-like. There were no unattractive flowers, each and every single one of them was beautiful, patiently waiting to be admired.

My favorites were the Bougainvillea vines that grew around the posts or poles; I envied how tall they got as well as how long they lasted in full bloom. I tried to be as cautious as possible around them since their spiky long thorns are thick yet extremely sharp – lot’s of blood was shed! The actual flowers are generally white, minuscule, as a consequence: very delicate. Each contains three flowers surrounded by three to six thin, almost paper like bracts. Interestingly weird enough, they are mostly odorless. Nonetheless, the purple and pink were my favorite – they looked amazing on my braided long hair. I felt the most beautiful with flowers in my head. Their beauty someway seeped through me: it made me smile until my heart was content.

I would spend hours contemplating, smelling, picking and admiring the garden. Such simple action brought extreme pleasure and happiness to me that it would sadden me when it was time to go home. Luckily, I would be back soon enough to do it again, then again and again… for all I knew: life is so simple!

Lately, reverting to “old memory lane”, has been very rewarding for me, as reflected on this piece. As I have grown older, the more nostalgic I become while yearning for maintain vivid pieces of my past.