My Two Cents On Checkout 51

If you haven’t tried Checkout 51, give it a try. This is my second favorite rebate app! It’s also a great way to earn some extra money while shopping on your grocery items. Checkout 51 is a rebate app similar to ibotta but a bit different. New offers are released every Thursday but last until the following Wednesday with about 250 available rebates.

Rebates range in categories such as; baby, drinks, medicine, health, personal care, home, pantry and snacks. Often, vegan or vegetarian items are available – this is awesome!  The app is easy to use; no unlocking rebates before you shop (yay)! Perform your normal shopping at ANY store, then redeem! Yes, ANY store! Some rebates are to specific stores but most are redeemable everywhere and anywhere including dollar stores! I LOVE THIS APP!

Here are my top 10 reasons I love Checkout 51 (1 being the highest, 10 being the lowest):

  1. Language: English, French and Spanish
    • I am fascinated with this feature, they seriously outdid themselves with this simple unbiased app – feature.
  2. No “Unlocking”
    • No unlocking of rebates. This is the most annoying task where you must first unlock a rebate to claim it later or you are not able to redeem for cash. This is an amazing perk!
  3. Unassigned Stores 
    • Redeem at ANY store without the need to shop a specific store – giving you the liberty to shop closer to home!
  4. High Rebates
    • I am amazed with their high rebates, seriously, $5.00 on Tiki fluid and $2.00 on Starbucks Coffee… Score!
  5. Redeem 1 or 2
    • Some rebates allow you to redeem more than once, usually twice and some, up to 5 times! This is insanity!
  6. Combine With Coupons
    • Submit a rebate even after you used a coupon (some have exceptions but are very minimal).
  7. Fast Approval
    • The app states most payments are approved within 1-48 hours. (I usually get approved in less than 24 hours).
  8. Simple 
    • The app is super easy to use; uncomplicated with minimal navigation.
  9. Bonuses 
    • Are low and very few but are easily attainable.
  10. Checkout
    • Cash out after reaching $20.00. Checkout 51 will mail you a check – this is one downfall for me. Checks are mailed within 5-15 days which may take up to 6 weeks for arrival.

I would not refer this rebate app without using it myself and loving it. So…My two cents on Checkout 51: Why turn down extra cash?


***Notes: At times, I have redeemed the same rebate with Checkout 51 and ibotta – I call this Double Dipping! ***Redeem $2.00 in rebates to unlock a $0.25 fruit or veggie rebate the following week.  ***Offers may vary by user with limited quantities.

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