Shopping Trip At CVS – Coffee

Well… I had to make a quick shopping trip to CVS last night… Currently, they are running a promotion on several grocery items: receive $5.00 ExtraBucks when you spend $20.00.

My husband and I are avid morning coffee drinkers, with that said… I will stock up when a good deal shows up – we were down to one box left! We usually purchase our coffee at Sam’s Club, unless I can find it cheaper than $0.58 cents per K-Cup ($41.98 for 72 k-cups of Starbucks at my local Sam’s). I knew the purchase at CVS along with some rebates would get to pay under $0.50 per cup, so I forced myself to make the trip (okay, not really).

There is a CVS close to home, therefore it’s an easy stop to make on my way after work. Checkout 51 had rebates on Starbucks Coffee that were expiring yesterday, so I wanted to pair these rebates with the store promotion to get a better sale. I also had a $1.00 Starbucks coupon which was included with a sample I received earlier in the month.

With coupon in hand, I walked into the store, grabbed my four boxes of Starbucks K-Cups and headed to the register. At checkout, since a $1.00 coupon was used, it brought my total to $30.96. As you think about the math, this transaction puts me at a much higher price per cup ($0.77 each) than at Sam’s. Realistically, I would not pay for this… unless… I can cash in on rebates: they better be good ones too.

There were great cash back offers to claim on: $2.00 on Veranda Blend, $2.00 on Bright Sky Blend, $2.00 on Breakfast Blend and $2.00 on House Blend. Plus, a bonus of $1.00 was added to my account for purchasing two boxes of blonde roast and another $1.00 was added for purchasing two boxes of medium roast. Also, I received $5.00 in ExtraBucks for reaching my threshold of $20.00 on grocery items at CVS.

My total in claimed rebates and rewards amounted to $15.00. That is much better to my eyes… that is almost a 50% difference. This brings my “cup o’ Joe” down to about $0.40 a piece… a much better ring to my ears. I can definitely state drinking my coffee brings me more satisfactions and enjoyment knowing I cashed in on some great rebates! If only I could find the same great deals on creamers…


***These coffee rebates are back today on Checkout 51 and CVS will exhaust their promotion Saturday, so there is still time if you are running low on coffee. This deal works on both the K-Cups or bagged Starbucks coffee.



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