Shopping Trip To Sprouts

Yesterday  I headed to Sprouts during my lunch to score a few awesome deals. So, I just started shopping at Sprouts about a month ago – I am in love with this grocery store! Generous amounts of organic produce may be found in the store as well as local fruits or vegetables. Prices are fair – yet cheaper than other stores at times. This store is just 4 minutes away from my office which allows me to take my time while I shop.

Thinking of dinner for today, some of my purchase consisted of the items pictured above… Tonight, I will be making chicken and what better way to pair them with asparagus. Luckily, rebates were available for me to redeem on these items and cash in on some well deserved veggies and fruits.

The items I bought at this trip were:

  1. Strawberries 2/$4.00 (1 lb each)
  2. Asparagus $1.84 (1 lb)
  3. Pineapple $1.98
  4. Basil in a can $4.99
  5. Hass Avocado $0.88
  6. Zucchini $0.48
  7. Shishito Peppers $24.99
  8. Potato $0.36
  9. Big Slice Cooked Apple $1.99

Total out-of-pocket paid was $41.51 (tax excluded). After leaving the store I quickly submitted the following rebates – as I’ve stated before, if I don’t do it then – I forget:

  • Checkout51 – $0.25 on strawberries
  • Checkout51 – $0.25 on asparagus
  • Checkout51 – $0.25 on pineapple
  • Checkout51 – $0.25 on avocado
  • Checkout51 – $0.25 on potato
  • Ibotta – $0.25 any receipt
  • Ibotta – $1.50 Basil in a can
  • Ibotta – $10.00 Shishito peppers
  • Ibotta – $1.00 Big Slice Apple
  • Mobisave – $0.10 on zucchini
  • Mobisave – $0.10 on potato

Total claimed in rebates was $14.20, not too bad. Every single item I purchased on this trip was claimed in a rebate – some rebates were not much but still added some cents into my well deserved Paypal account.  

Our dinner will be delicious – grilled chicken, oven roasted asparagus with potatoes and grilled pineapple for dessert. We will be having a simple, easy to make but mostly – healthy dinner. I hope your dinner will be as enjoyable as ours!




***The main reason Back To The Roots Basil In A Can was purchased – a cash rebate and this herb is used in my household. As a bonus – its organic! ***Why Back To The Roots Shishito Peppers – for every one purchased, Back To The Roots will donate a product to a classroom of my choice! As a bonus – it’s organic plus a $10.00 rebate! ***The strawberries and Big Slice Apple are not pictured since they did not make it out of the store… I gave them to a family who were next in line.

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