My Mother Is Full Of … Eggs!

This time, I will be sharing a bit about my mother (Maria) and the love towards her pet chickens. Although, she claims them to be pets, they are more of companions to her. She cares, protects and feeds them with such love that could be envied by some.

I admit it… I am to blame a bit. When my daughter was little we bought her a few day old chicks. We kept them as pets, well, we ate the eggs but we did not eat them. It was educational for our daughter and for us as well. We kept them for years, until we put our house up for sale. We needed to get rid of them but did not want to.  It was a hard choice to make, so then I came up with the brilliant idea to have mother “care for them” while we searched for a home.

That was two years ago… guess she’s still caring for them. She loves them so much last year she got two more, then three then four more! It seems every-time we talk… she has added more.

The chickens live a happy life. They’re fed regularly…  hourly I think. Dad built them a nicer two-story coop last year. More so for mother which  helps ease her arthritis pain. The backyard is big enough for the pets to roam free if they wish,usually they stay within the chicken hotel, I mean coop. She tends to them as if they are kids. For instance, when one became injured from a raccoon attack… She took her inside the house until the chicken’s leg healed and was able to walk again. She catered to her, cleaned her and made sure “Fluffy” felt safe. Mom had an indoor chicken for months!

She gets an average of 9 eggs a day! Yes, a day! My mother does not work so gardening, cooking and feeding the chickens are her daily activities while dad is still working full-time. Mom and dad are very generous, mother loves giving her bounty away. The neighbor’s love her. They get free eggs, veggies and fruits, she spoils them, they like it. We too  appreciate the fresh eggs we get from her regularly, the kids enjoy gathering them from the coop, admiring the different shapes, colors and sizes. We have saved at least $1.99 every two weeks on fresh eggs in the last three months, thanks to mother and her companions. 

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