Stock Piles


To stock or not to stock? What a laborious task which could take months or years to accomplish.

A couple of days ago during a small gathering in our home, someone asked me the following question; “So, how big is your stock pile”? It took me a few seconds to process the question … I wanted to give the best yet most honest answer. “First of all, I think it sounds like a dirty pick up line. Secondly, don’t assume all couponers create a “stock pile” no offense to those who do.” The answer shocked him, “You mean to tell me your garage is not full of crap, I mean stuff”. He laughed, I didn’t. We had a long conversation regarding this topic which led me to question my relatives and friends before blogging about it.

Apparently, some believe all couponers are extreme therefore we “must” all have “stocks and stocks” or “piles and piles” of mustard, toilet paper, mouthwash, laundry detergent etc… Here are some of the top thoughts or questions I gathered from some of them:

  • “Why wipe out a store’s shelf?”
  • “Why buy 15 bottles of anything?”
  • “Do you have shelves in your kid’s rooms?”
  • “How packed is your garage”

These questions lead me to wonder… Does a person who collects shoes, cards, video games, coins, stamps, instruments etc… be asked the same questions? Would you assume everyone and anyone who collects or stores certain item/s has infinite shelves of these items in their home? For an example; Would a video game collector be asked if his garage is full of crap too? Or a card collector be asked if his kids rooms are filled with shelves?

While there are different levels of couponing, there are also unique levels of re-stocking, collecting, reserving or storing. The most important factor would be how you ask the question and why you are asking the question. What about a little less sarcasm and more comprehension?

Everyone is different in their needs, mine are to pay less on my grocery purchases. I don’t need to buy three years worth of items when another sale cycle will hit every three to six months. Yes, my pantry might look a little different from others but not by much. A few more cans of pasta, canned vegetables, soups, condiments and snacks can be seen.  My hair products will be more a few than others not crazy amounts but enough to share one or two. I still leave room in my home for we are still a young family and hopefully soon another pet might be needed in the household.

Who knows… I still have my eye on a piglet.

4 thoughts on “Stock Piles

  1. Don’t forget the Franks Hot Sauce! I swear that’s in every episode of extreme couponing . I think we are about like you. We will buy extra of something we know we will use in the next 3 months, but that’s about it. My quality of life would be affected if I had shampoo in my bedroom.

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  2. I used to coupon and I had a stock pile, but I had rules. I would never clear a shelf, I would never buy more than a couple month supply and I wouldn’t bend the coupon rules or policies. I do think that having or not having a stock pile is a personal choice, mine was always smaller and I never bought more than 4 of the same item in each trip. (Usually that was the limit for coupons.) To each his own as far as having a stock pile goes, but it’s definitely a personal choice.

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