Hibiscus Love

My hibiscus bush is coming into full bloom and so is my excitement. These flowers are dear to my heart since they remind me of my childhood. My grandmother had a beautiful tall bush in the backyard and during blooming season it was the most gorgeous thing you could ever imagine.

Hibiscus is a bushy annual plant. Parts of the flower are used to make a popular sweet and tart drink in Mexico called “Agua de Jamaica”. It produces the most deepest burgundy red fragrant drink you can think of.

In other countries as well as Mexico; various parts of the plant are used to make spices, sauces or flavoring.  Other uses would be to add color to a drink, food or craft project. A very popular use for the Hibiscus flower is in tea or to make medicine. I love it in tea, it creates an amazing work or art in a glass that is both satisfying to see, smell and drink. The aroma is somewhat potent but subtle, strangely, it relaxes you.

Researchers state Hibiscus may also be used for colds, inflammation, stomach irritation, laxative and an aid for treating loss of appetite.

All of this may be achieved with this beautiful pinkish, red flower.  Sometimes the best things in life are right in front of our eyes… or either the front or back yard. Now that you know a bit more about this amazing flower, would you value it more?


**This summer I will include the recipe to make “Agua de Jamaica” which compliments any summer BBQ.

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