A Family Meal Under $8.65

Let me explain a bit how much I love family dinners. We are a small family yet we strive to sit together for dinner every night. To unite us after a long day of work or school. There are times when we are not able to do so and it’s usually when one of the kids has a game or practice.

My husband and I have been committed to evolve our food preparation and cooking. Sometimes it works and at others it does not. The main idea is that we TRY.

Our family likes gardening. Currently, we have some leafy greens; spinach and butter lettuce. A couple of potato plants, four tomato plants, two bell pepper plants. Three of our six broccoli plants are thriving, the other three not so much. The sugar peas did not make it this year but we are hopeful for our newly planted cucumbers.

Today, the plan for dinner is Pizza and salad with homemade ranch. For dessert we will be having spiced mango. I am paring this meal with some sun tea – we love sun tea.

I will be cooking two of the four DiGiorno (family sized) pizzas I bought last month for $2.50 each at Rite Aid. The salad will include fresh spinach, butter lettuce, green frills, broccoli florets and tomatoes – all from our garden! My husband makes homemade ranch with our daughter; they make it perfect every time.  This week I was able to purchase mango’s at Raley’s for $.77 each so, I bought six of them.  We spice up our mango with Tajin (a Mexican company that produces several varieties of condiments). We buy the “Salsa en Polvo” a seasoning powder which contains peppers, salt and dehydrated lime juice.  We add this seasoning on everything from fruit to vegetables! The main reason our kids love Tajin is, it gives it a hint of spiciness without the burning.

The total for this meal which will serve my family of four is under $8.65. An average of $2.16 per meal. Usually, we have left over pizza, so the kids have it as a snack the next day. Definitely worth the effort both in couponing and gardening! Hope your dinner is as enjoyable as ours!

**We purchased the greens at $1.25 each plant – we have had over 6 meals out of them. The homemade ranch lasts us about two weeks and averages $0.44 cents per bottle.

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