Moneymaker at Target!

Happy Monday all! Don’t know how you like to start the week but I like to start it off by making some money! Unfortunately that does not happen all the time but today I was able to score an awesome deal at Target. So, I decided to take a quick shopping run during my lunch break. After all, Target is just 5 minutes away from my office and I have a full hour to browse some unadvertised deals to incorporate in my shopping list for later in the week.

On this trip, the following items were purchased:

  1. 4 Bush’s Best Beans 16 oz cans ($.99 each) =$3.96
  2. 1 Whole Earth Sweetener 40 packets =$3.19
  3. and 1 Zico Coconut Water 16.9 oz bottle =$1.79

Grand total was $8.94 before tax. The following coupons were used for the transaction:

  1. 2 Manufacture coupons for the Bush’s beans at $1.00 off of 2
  2. 1 Manufacturer coupon used for the Whole Earth sweetener at $1.50
  3. 1 Manufacture coupon was used for the Zico coconut water at $1.00
  4. 30% off Whole Earth Target Cartwheel app $0.96
  5. 20% off the Zico coconut water  Target Cartwheel app $0.36

Total out-of-pocket paid was $3.12. Remember, it does not include tax. After leaving the store I quickly submitted the following rebates (or else I forget):

  1. $1.50 on the Whole Earth Sweetener – Ibotta
  2. $0.25 on Any item receipt – Ibotta
  3. $4.00 on 4 Bush’s Beans ($1.00 each) – Checkout51

I made $2.63! How cool, exciting, tedious and fun! The most rewarding for me is realizing these items will be used, very soon. In my future; I see Turkey Chili on our menu… As for the sweetener; it will be staying at work to be used with my coffee. I love coffee!

This was an awesome trip. My husband is going to love hearing me explain in detail step-by-step about my transaction (wink, wink). *Will keep you posted on his thoughts about this. Anyway, that was my start of the week. How was yours?

***P.S. or F.Y.I

Aside from the numbers shown above, I also used my Target Card which saves me 5% at checkout (-$0.15). Another 5 cents were deducted from my transaction for using a reusable bag. The 20 cents savings almost covered my taxes of 24 cents.

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