A Brief Friendly Chat

When I first started couponing; I made a numerous amounts of mistakes. Heck, still do but I am alright with that.  There were times when I felt uncomfortable to this new “gig” similar to when you start a new job or activity with absolutely no training or direction. Other times thinking who would I go for help or assistance. Who will be my “wing man or wing women” on shopping trips. Then realization sunk in; if I can’t do it alone then I won’t be able to do it at all! That was my push; must do it alone!

In the beginning, I did not purchase the Sunday paper. My shopping trips consisted of minimal items purchased at Safeway and Raley’s (close to home). These two stores offer digital coupons accessible through computers, tables or smart phones. These coupons may be “clipped” to your loyalty cards and are automatically calculated at the time of checkout… when you use your card! This was a super tool making it more comfortable without the need of cutting. It was an easy task for me to accomplish comparing prices at both stores while determining which one of the two had the best deals. It was low-key, very simple to follow. The #1 reason: not overwhelming! This allowed me to become familiar with the stores, coupon restrictions, store policies and location of products through-out the stores.

There are times when oversights are made; errors and miscalculations are still a part of my shopping. For instance, when coupons were left in my car leaving me to pay full price for all items, or when I handed my coupons to the cashier only to find out some had expired. Or the time when… you get my point. The feeling of embarrassment and ignorance were felt quite a few times. Oh, still remember as if it was yesterday… wait… It was yesterday when shopping at Target; forgot to show my Cartwheel app. Darn! These blunders help me understand I am not perfect but I am totally satisfied with it, gradually, mistakes are less being made.

My realization after almost a year of couponing shows one rarely will comment or talk about the flaws that come with it.  For example; a transaction gone wrong, empty shelves, forgetting coupons, being yelled “you’re taking long with your coupons, lady!” Yes, that happened! Yes, I felt stupid, mad, insulted, mortified and uncomfortable. I applaud those that “all” of their transactions are perfect but I am here to tell you that no matter how well prepared, things will come up. We live in a world where not every cashier smiles and high fives you on your savings. Not everyone is waiting patiently behind the line for you to complete your transaction. Or when your kids keep playing that loud annoying sound on their new toy or game you just purchased (making you wonder why you bought something making you so vexatious).

This gave me another decision to communicate the good, the bad, ugly and sad. A form and way to express my thoughts, troubles and tribulations. Some might see it as a form of rant. I would call it a brief friendly chat!

2 thoughts on “A Brief Friendly Chat

  1. Yep, I sure have been there. I hate it when things go awry. The worst it when a coupon sticks to something else in your sorter and you don’t use it!!


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