A Superfluous Purchase

Good Morning all! I went shopping to CVS last week and found a couple of awesome deals. This store had a current promotion on… you guessed it, shampoo! Anyhow, still a great deal but don’t mention it to the hubby. His last comment was “DO NOT buy anymore shampoo, we are GOOD!” Oh, the struggles of married life!

Let’s get back on track. Here is what my purchase looks like: Bought 2 Schwarzkopf Gliss Repair Shampoos and 2 Stylers, all at $5.99 each (normally $6.99 in my local store). This was my only transaction planned but saw the Poise Impressa kit at 75% off from $5.99, so, bought this item too. At checkout; I used two manufacturer coupons for a Buy One Get One Free Gliss Product. Although, I had a coupon for the Poise product in my car… I was too lazy to go get it (so far)! Regardless, this deal would be a “Moneymaker” after pairing it with my Ibotta rebate.

My total out-of-pocket for this transaction was $13.47. It does not include tax (we pay taxes on almost everything here in the lovely state of CALIFORNIA). Due to the purchase of Gliss products, I received $7.00 in Extrabucks from CVS. Secondly, I submitted for a $2.00 Ibotta rebate on the Poise Impressa. Honestly, the rebate was the only reason why this item was purchased at $1.49.  “My” breakdown looks like this:

  •  $13.47    Total paid out-of-pocket
  • -$7.00      Extrabucks received
  • -$2.00      Ibotta Rebate
  • -$5.99      Mail in Rebate for 1 free product
  • Total: -$1.52

Crazy coupon lingo for this transaction is “Moneymaker”. Basically it means I made $1.52 for purchasing these two products! Yes, I made money out of this transaction, crazy right! Yay for coupons!

Well, let’s look at it in a different, more realistic view. I carefully analyze this strategy in a way yet feel the need to clarify this is just my point of view and do not mean to insult anyone out there with a different opinion. Let’s see here:

  1. Paid for hair products I DO NOT need
  2. Paid for an item I WILL NOT use (Poise Impressa)
  3. Extrabucks are for a FUTURE purchase
  4. Ibotta rebates can only be cashed out only after reaching $20.00
  5. Mail in rebates take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive

Clearly you see where my frustration comes in…  Seems irrelevant to me. I am not calling this purchase a “Moneymaker” yet, I might do so when my mail in rebate arrives… four weeks from now. Gladly, I often give excess to my family but most of all, I donate. A lot! So, at times, it’s worth it for me, the time spent clipping, matching, researching and shopping makes it possible for me to donate more than what I could in the past.

More importantly; was this a necessary purchase for me? No, of course not. It does highlight where it could get oneself to observing it as a “moneymaker” aspect. Realistically, I could see this trip as a waste of time and money; that is where I need to balance myself and determine reasonably why this purchase would actually matter and more so if it’s worthwhile.

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