Modest and Occasionally Driven

Hi all! So, I was made aware that a blog should be brief; straight to the point. Honestly, that might not happen here, we will see as time goes by.

I was asked some time ago if I would consider sharing my opinions or experiences about my couponing shopping trips and for sure I gave it the cold shoulder. There are plenty of sites out there which are way more useful that what I may provide. I watch, read and hear about people killing it out there with savings of 75-90 percent on their shopping trips. That is awesome! Thankfully, I am very satisfied with my casual shopping trips. Extreme couponers out there would probably think I’m crazy for not going the distance… or they might not care at all.

While writing this, the person I need to give thanks to is my husband Mike. It was his inspiration that got me into trying to be a saving savvy mom (that is what I like to think of myself). Mike was on a shopping trip for cat litter, when he arrived home, excitement and accomplishment was seen on his cute face: “I got a great deal on the litter and a coupon for next visit!”.

I was skeptical… That was not for me, regardless, the coupon was kept on my nighstand. Several weeks later at the pet store before checking out (with coupon on hand), I panicked and started making excuses in my head such as “just toss it” “it’s not worth it” “what if it doesn’t work?” “will they laugh at me?” Ahhhh! I left the products intended to buy on the counter while I left the store rapidly. Then, went to the nearest supermarket bought the cat litter there at full price! True story! To this day, my husband has not heard of my distress, shhh.

It took me well over a month to go back into the pet store; those darn cats! Somehow, my initial thinking was for sure as I would walk in the store there would be a picture of me running away, but there was none. Phew! That day, anxiety kicked in again but somehow managed to remain somewhat poised. The cashier was friendly, engaging and did not shamed me for using the coupon. Yes, I USED THE COUPON! I did not run away! I did it and the savings were real people, I saved $5.00 on cat litter! Wow, I thought, that was cool! Feeling proud, accomplished, relieved and satisfied crazy thoughts went to my head about doing it again… soon.

As silly as that sounds, that was my start; cautious, stressful, timidly and hopeful. There are times when those feeling still come around when I am shopping except I am a little less timid. Now: I am driven!

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