Ready, Set, Go

My intent for this blog is not give advice but more to describe and express the process I use when shopping, and my daily life as a coupon mom.

My shopping experiences are far from labeling me as an extreme couponer. Although, I like to consider myself an awesome one, I am really not. There are plenty of websites out there that detail step by step how to clip, store and make lists. I will not be that site, maybe.

My hopes are for the reader to understand how frustrating, time-consuming, involved and stressful it can get, at least for me it is. Nonetheless, I enjoy doing it but it’s definitely not perfect.  Some shopping trips I rock yet on others I’ve super sucked! Couponing is not “rocket science” but one mistake may cost you to lose what the determined calculations were; resulting in loss of several dollars.

Definitely, coupons are great, no doubt about that. It depends on the process and handling the consumers use (including myself).  Moderation is what I am targeting for… The way I see coupons is a form of advertising; a promotional tool to get me to try a brand, a new store or to continue using the same brand I have been purchasing just a little cheaper.

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